Data Visualization
In today’s economy most businesses cannot afford to just throw more bodies or money at problems or inefficient processes. A critical component of the answer lies with providing employees and management with the most efficient IT solutions possible. Solutions that facilitate maximum productivity, while at the same time providing management with the real-time dashboards necessary to timely interpret and respond to situations.
What are Microsoft Tags? Microsoft Tags are a new form of bar code that has given us the power to connect any object in the real world to the digital world. Connecting Real Life to the Digital World allows us to track and provide analytics to you that may prove your marketing ROI, track important consumer trends, or highlight potential opportunities.

In the marketing field Tags are what everyone has been searching for. It is a GREEN technology (Less ink, Less Paper) that removes the space limitation of a package.

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Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data. And, it is these patterns that help marketers, business strategists, and business developers grow their businesses.

But where does the data come from? At the Catalyze Group we have computers that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week scouring the internet searching and collecting data on specified companies, products, people, or consumer relevant topics.

Today we measure and track everything. We have a wealth of information at our figure tips that can help us make business, political, or personal decisions. The new problem is understanding all of the information. How do we make it relavent? The has been termed information overload.

Data Visualization transforms this enormous amount of data into simple diagrams that people find effortless to consume. This knowledge compression allows people to than see patterns and make connections that matter.

The tools of our trade include Infographics, Data-Vivids, Google Earth, Dash Boards, Roambi to name a few.

Ergonomics is a branch of science drawing from physiology, engineering and psychology studies. It seeks to harmonize the functionality of tasks with the human performing them. Ergonomic design focuses on the compatibility of objects, processes, and environments with the humans using them.

We apply the principals of ergonomic design to the applications, websites, and work spaces we design.

The ergonomic principals are not an afterthought. They are taken into account from the very start.